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This site is dedicated to a kind and giving woman, Lorraine Groh.  For many years she helped family, friends, and even strangers financially.  She never wanted to see anyone suffer or struggle, so she was always there, willing to help out anyone in need.

Four and a half years ago, Lorraine suffered a major stroke that almost took her life.  She was only expected to live 6 months.  She fought hard to get back the ability to speak and eat, but never recovered from the total paralysis on her left side. 

Being right handed, we had hope that she would still be able to continue creating artwork, such as is displayed on this web site.  However, the brain damage from her stroke was too extensive, and she no longer has the talent God blessed her with for most of her life.

Lorraine needs 24 hour care and has been in a facility since her stroke.  Over the years, these facilities have drained all of her savings and take all but $35 a month spending money from her.  The facility cost is $12,000 a month.  Because of this, Lorraine was forced to go on State/Federal aid to cover the lion's share of the costs per month.

We developed this site for a couple reasons: to showcase Lorraine's artistic talents, and to generate some funds that can help her family cover some of the expenses she can no longer cover.

To see some of Lorraine's artwork, click Gallery of Artwork or use the menu above.  This is a sampling of the artwork Lorraine has produced over the years.  New artwork will be added regularly, so keep checking back.

Lorraine always wanted to be a "professional" artist, and purchasing prints of her artwork will help that dream come true.  Currently, all of the prints and other various products are sold through a site called Zazzle.com.  They set the pricing and allow resellers to add a royalty to the products.  For complete tranparency, we are adding just 10% to the products through Zazzle.com (excluding prints which we add a 20% royalty).  So, if there is an item for $11.00 sold from ArtByGrammie artwork, our royalty will be $1.00.  This is subject to change if we move to another vendor or decide it makes more sense to fulfill orders directly ourselves.

Below is another method of contributing via a donation using our PayPal account.


Also, please join us on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram where we will be posting regular updates to the site regarding additional artwork.  If you have any stories of Lorraine's generous nature please share them with us.